Whitepaper / Roadmap

ADAFlect : WhitePaper

ADAFlect Token

The ADAFlect Token is designed to act as a shareholder token against the overall volume on the ADAFlect Network. Coupled with this, rather than reflecting native tokens, ADAFlect instead reflects back Cardano’s native ADA Token as made available via Binance-Peg.

In reflecting back ADA Tokens, holders instead can trade their profits against Cardano’s massive liquidity pool, without needing to place any sell pressure on the ADAFlect token. Coupled with the parabolic rise of ADA, traders can easily de-risk their initial investments, and hold ADAFlect to allow for passive earnings to continue building based off highly incentivized network activity.

As a final incentive towards overall safety in liquidity, 2% of the shareholder volume is directly placed into ADAFlect/BNB Liquidity, with any returned LP Tokens automatically being sent to the burn address; ensuring a constantly raised liquidity floor.

Shareholder Split

ADAFlect’s volume shave operates off 15% of the total network volume, providing the following split:
– 8% Split across all holders (with no Team Tokens taken)
– 2% To Auto-Liquidity (LP Tokens burned)
– 5% To Development & Marketing

These set tokenomics allow for the Lion’s share of tokens to be allocated to holders based off their own ADAFlect Holdings, while 2% goes towards ensuring an ever-raised price floor.

The final 5% of tokens then go towards Development & Marketing, ensuring that a constant inflow of volume is maintained for continual network growth & volume returns, alongside achieving all goals as set out in our phased roadmap.

Safety & Security First

Many alternate-reflection based tokens which provide rewards that differ from the held token have suffered from severe security exploits in the past, which ultimately tanked both their value, and volume within seconds.

The ADAFlect Team worked directly with Paladin Blockchain Security for full auditing, with our token scripts based off of the work of the BabyCake team, and Roger Wu’s Dividend Paying Token.

Comprehensive testing, and a full audit report was made available by Paladin Blockchain Security, with particular attention paid towards safe dividend returns, and ensuring that the native ADAFlect contract could not purchase ADA Tokens at any rate which could negatively impact the given ADAFlect price at the point of purchase.

Coupled with working alongside Paladin Blockchain Security to create the safest possible contract for ADAFlect, the ADAFlect & FLC teams have committed to placing a minimum of 160 BNB (approx. $80,000 USD at the time of writing) into the initial ADAFlect Liquidity Pool in order to mitigate and negate the effects of any attempted frontrunning snipes.

Dividend Returns & Auto-Staking Logic

ADAFlect operates with processing all user dividends based off the percentage of ADAFlect tokens which are held, and excludes any invalid reflectionary wallet addresses such as Liquidity Pools (i.e: Pancakeswap), and the Dead/Burn address; ensuring that only legitimate holders are rewarded with ADA Reflections.

The tally of all ADAFlect Dividend shares are calculated with every token trade, which additionally triggers all shared ADA Distributions every hour. If it is unfeasible to send ADA Dividends against the current gas costs for holders with smaller amounts of ADAFlect, the ADA will be stored on the contract, and sent once it has hit a high enough amount to offset these fees. This ensures a fully automatic process, allowing holders to receive their ADA Tokens every hour, without any manual interactions needed.

Roll-up Contract Functions

ADAFlect’s Contract has been written to allow for sensitive, specific features to be switched off permenantly on an individual basis, while keeping the business and holder logic intact.

In particular, the abilities to blacklist wallets (for use in removing frontrunning bots), changing tax/reflection rates, and updating the marketing/dev wallet can be switched off individually, while ensuring that the contract itself does not need to be fully renounced. This allows for ADAFlect to safely list with new exchanges, or transferring a portion of dev/marketing cost splits directly back to all holders, while maintaining objective safety for the ADAFlect holder community.


Additional Utility & Ecosystem Development

With ADAFlect operating as the first fully-supported first party token under FLC, Utility and further Ecosystem Development remains a high priority.

Alongside NFT Sales and Airdrops (with a portion of all proceeds going towards buy/burn on ADAFlect tokens), a high priority has been placed on ensuring consistent network volume through valid use-cases: with the first major development milestone being allowing for direct ADAFlect Staking, allowing holders to reap yield-farm level profits on staking their tokens without ever needing to leave the BSC Network – and without ever needing to sell a single ADAFlect token.

ADAFlect : Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Token Development & Audit
  • Token Launch & DEX Listing
  • Initial Marketing Push
  • First NFT Pack & Airdrop
  • Coingecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • $10 Million Market Cap

Phase 2

  • ADAPunks OpenSea NFT Listing
  • Native ADAFlect Staking
  • ADAFlect Yield Farming
  • Additional CEX/DEX Listings
  • Extended Marketing Campaign
  • $50 Million Market Cap

Phase 3

  • FLECT Token Expansion
  • Free Token Airdrops
  • Further Yield Farm Integration
  • Cardano-targeted Development
  • $100 Million Market Cap