Passive ADA income directly to your wallet!
Audited by Paladin Security, Fair Launched on BSC.

16% Slippage Required!

What is ADAFlect?

ADAFlect is an ADA-Reflectionary token.
By holding ADAFlect, you receive ADA based off every network transaction!

Whenever anybody purchases, or sells ADAFlect, you’ll be entitled to a share of their tokens – automatically sent to you directly in ADA, allowing you to use or sell ADA, without needing to sell any ADAFlect.

With thanks to Binance’s ADA-PEG, You can receive ADA directly to your wallet, without needing to download or install any ADA Native Software!

Rapid Distribution

ADAFlect Auto-stakes Cardano’s native network token (ADA) to your wallet automatically, every 60 minutes.

Fully Audited

With Trader Security as a priority, ADAFlect has undergone rigorous pen-testing and auditing under Paladin Blockchain Security.

Development Driven

ADAFlect’s Development doesn’t stop at launch – roadmapped for success, ADAFlect forms the basis for an ambitious ecosystem.


9% ADA Reflections to all Holders
1% To Auto-Liquidity
5% To Marketing & Development

Development & Marketing

With an ambitious budget available, ADAFlect will be targeting both aggressive marketing campaigns, alongside extensive ecosystem development straight out of the gate.

NFT Rewards

Top Holders and Lucky Buyers can get in to win bespoke custom-made NFTs to show off, share, or sell on opensea/rarible or compatible platforms.

How to Buy ADAFlect

Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask (browser-based, for PC or Laptop), or TrustWallet (iOS/Android). Once installed, add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Buy and send BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB on any exchange of your choosing – such as Kucoin, or Binance. Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. Your wallet address will start with “0x”, and can typically be retrieved by clicking (or tapping) on your wallet name.

Visit PancakeSwap, and swap BNB for ADAFlect!

Click here to visit PancakeSwap, set your slippage to at least 15%, and swap your BNB for ADAFlect!

Receive ADA!

As long as you hold your ADAFlect, You’ll now automatically receive ADA to your wallet, as often as every 60 minutes! To see and use it, be sure to add Binance’s ADA-PEG to your Metamask!

ADA Distribution Times

ADA will be automatically sent directly to your wallet as often as is feasibly possible, when accounting for your amount of ADAFlect, versus gas fees and network volume. Your ADA will always accumulate in the background, and be sent as soon as it does not outweigh the gas fees for sending. However, you can always manually claim your due ADA directly from the Contract!

ADAFlect Contract ID